One of the more heartwarming things that’s happened since we announced NZ Bus’s decision has been all the messages of support we’re getting to our contact {at} email address – from both atheists and people of religion.

We have also had a handful of companies that use other advertising media say that they’ll be happy to host our ads. These have ranged from billboards to full page advertisements in major New Zealand papers. It’s good to see that many other media companies do not think our message is controversial and divisive.

We’ve also had suggestions including t-shirts, bumper stickers, and even big magnetic signs to go on the side of cars and vans!

While we’re seriously investigating legal avenues for bus ads, we’d love your creative feedback on where you, the atheists of New Zealand, would love to see the messages. We’d even love to hear what message you think would best start discussions about the legitimacy of non-belief.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you out there for your words of support, and also for putting the pressure on NZ Bus to explain their rejection of the ads. If NZ Bus makes possibly discriminatory decisions like this, they need to know how many people out there disagree with their decision. The choice to use their services and the messages we send them are the best sources of consumer power in our modern economy.