The whole world runs on the factor called belief. All of us have our own set of beliefs be it big or small. These beliefs, in fact, design and etch the life that we live. One of these major things that decide the faith that is instilled in us is religion. Religion is something that we believe without question in case if we are a believer, irrespective of what religion it is. While growing their lives on the roots of religion, some call it as a set of principles designed to lead a pious and disciplined life. Religion and belief are vast concepts, and one cannot define it in a few pages. However, today we are going to talk about the concepts of humanism and atheism and see if they are the same things or different things misunderstood to be the same.

Atheism vs Humanism:

Atheism and humanism are factors that are subjective in nature. How I define atheism can be different from what and how another person defines it, and the same applies to humanism as well. In general, people see atheism and humanism as the same concept.  An atheist is a person who doesn’t evince a belief in factors like dogma and superstition.  In short, an atheist is someone who has no religion. On the other hand, humanism is something that is quite close to this. A person who is practical-headed and believes what he can see and factors that are tangible at large is a humanist. He believes in humanity, and there is nothing more than what we get to see and feel in the real world.

But there is also a different perspective on the same concept. Things like atheism and theism have something to do with religion, but humanism is nothing of that sort. Just because a person doesn’t believe in the concept of religion, it doesn’t make him a humanist in any way or the other way round. Both an atheist and a theist can or cannot be a humanist. It depends. So now we are trying to define what humanism is.

How humanism has to be rightly defined?

Any person who upholds the values of philosophical and ethical living and practices humanity is a humanist and it has got nothing to do with his religion. Regardless of his religious ideologies, he can be a good human being, living an exemplary life and sets an example for his fellow human beings. This state of living is what I would like to call humanism.

This is the right way of seeing humanism. Just like many other confused concepts that are exiting in the world today in the name of religion, the concept of atheism has taken a toll on humanism as well. In case if you wish you rightly understand and practice the concept of humanism, do not let your religion intervene into it. Imagine a person who is an atheist but a terrorist as well, would you call him a humanist? Religious belief, including atheism, defines your personal life, while humanism defines your social life. Beware of the difference!

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