There’s been a flurry of media activity over the past two days since we announced that NZ Bus is rejecting the Campaign’s ads, and thereby trying to silence a positive atheist message in public. Here’s a brief selection of the coverage…

First off we have the Stuff/Dominion Post coverage of the story, complete with poll. The poll results are rather interesting, with 93.4% of respondents (when last checked) saying that this decision by NZ Bus to reject the ads is “unfair and discriminatory” (standard Internet poll qualifications apply of course).

Next we have the Stuff/NZPA article, which also includes a link to the TVNZ Breakfast video. There’s also the TV3 Sunrise article and video which follows a similar line.

In the blog world, No Right Turn thinks the decision is “blatantly unlawful” and calls for concerned people to communicate their thoughts to NZ Bus. There’s also a great post from a fellow called Frank, an “unashamed Christian” who while obviously not supporting the exact message of the Campaign, supports our right to get it out there. And last but not least, Brian Edwards summarises the recent events and astutely notes “the sure and certain fact that nothing can draw more attention to a commercial than banning it.”


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